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At the TruckSpares365 Hub, we are dedicated to bringing you the latest in trucking news, whether its new legislation affecting the industry, new technology being developed or interesting stories from around the world. We also have an extensive manual and guide section, with everything from technical bulletins, and truck manuals to how to get started in trucking to how & to become a better driver. Plus, we have an amazing community of truckers who are always willing to help and offer advice.

Latest News & Tips

Maximising the Efficiency and Performance of Your DAF Trucks: The Importance of Palm Couplings and Kingpins

As a DAF truck operator or fleet owner looking after an assembly of DAF trucks, you understand the importance of having vehicles that perform at their best and keep your business...

DAF Trucks Latest ‘Green Logistics’ Innovation

DAF is one of the most well-known industry leaders for producing and distributing HGV trucks across Europe. They strive for innovation, sustainability, and efficiency, which...

Essential Truck Parts to Check Before Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions

The colder seasons of the year bring about many challenging driving conditions: dark mornings and evenings, ice, snow, and rain. With winter bringing adverse weather, HGV drivers...

Trailer Number Plate Holders

Trailer number plate holders (also known as trailer registration plate holders) are an essential accessory that mounts onto your trailer so that your licence plate is secure and...

Featured Articles

Fuel Tank Caps

Fuel Tank Caps

Fuel tank caps, also known as ‘gas caps’, are an important part of the fuel tank that keeps gas in the vehicle. Despite them being a small feature,...

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Facts about AdBlue

Facts about AdBlue

AdBlue is going to be a big part of the ‘greener’ future of the motor industry; getting clued up on it now is important, so you know what it is and...

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